Kiwanis Riverway Park

     So they say, that sometimes you have to get lost to truly find yourself. So that is why I like to go adventuring. Because maybe I'll stumble upon something fantastic and beautiful out in nature, and in the process, might just find the same thing in myself.

      That being said, I went walking around Kiwanis Riverway Park in Dublin, OH to see what I could find. I want to start creating, both with people and with the nature that is already there. So these are a few glimpses into what I found. Hope you all enjoy. 

Coffman Park

So one of my favorite things about photography is that it allows you to express and create. There is no limit to what you can do, except the limit you put on yourself. You can take what is around you and capture it in a way that not only makes you happy but can show off the beauty that is around you. While everyone has different taste and flavor, there  is still more than enough room for everyone to create what they want. 

That being said, I strolled around Coffman Park, and walked away with some shots. Enjoy 

Goodale Park with Sara

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine Sara let me take some pictures of her at the park. Goodale is one of my favorite parks to go to and take pictures at. And she was gracious to stand (and sit) in front of the camera and let me take some shots.